Saturday, 1 December 2012

Moslem Grooming Gangs

As usual the msm expresses its shock at the unimagined and previously unheard of practise of grooming by Moslem men of underage white girls for sex in the towns and cities of England. Who could have thunk of such a thing?

Now I don't do telly but did come across a TV drama "Blood Strangers" which is supposed to be about the relationship between a police family liason officer (Paul McGann) and a bereaved mother (Caroline Quentin).

What it is really about is the practise of Pakistani Moslem men  grooming underage white girls for sex (ie rape) and then pimping them out for money; pretending to 'love them' but really regarding them as 'slags' and 'trash'. The grieving mum investigates the death of her daughter and finds out about her secret Pakistani 'boyfriend' and his sinister older brother. When she confronts the police with this they are neither shocked nor surprised, it is more of the same old.
While the programme shies away from the further realities of reverse racism and shows the police taking a much more active role than we now know to be the truth what it does prove is that the grooming of girls by Pakistani gangs was well within the consciousness of the mainstream media years ago.

It was made by Granada Television in 2002.

I could not find it at Amazon and the IMDB listing is strangly coy about the central theme

But it is available here

All 2 hours 20 mins of it.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You need to rearm the fathers in your country. These Moslem thugs are basically cowards and will retreat when their friends start dying and found wrapped in bacon.

A K Haart said...

"the IMDB listing is strangly coy about the central theme"

Yes it is - extremely coy. As this came out ten years ago, we can assume it was a known issue some years before that. Could even be decades.

James Higham said...

Is it racist to mouth the word "Deportation"?

Farenheit211 said...

James, I would go further than that although I also would recommend that those who commit such crimes should be deported, in addition those who call for Shariah Law or other acts of Islamaisation should be subject to being made 'stateless', even if born here and placed outside the protection of the law.

Calling for your neighbours to be killed en masse as so often is done by Islamic preachers and activists should result in being made (by a court obviously) a 'non Briton'.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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banned said...

My point here is not against the rapists and pimps, that speaks for itself. It is against the lefty media who express surprise that it could happen in the same way that they pretended disbelief when confronted with 'home-grown "British" terrorists' after the London bus'n'tube bombings.

Anonymous, I usually delete spam but, given your link, I will make an exception.